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  Shine is a cozy oasis in our booming tri-state region. With the constant demands of our hectic lives, more than ever before, we seek to be healed, renewed and simply... happy. The problem is that we seek that happiness outside of ourselves, when in fact, it resides within us at all times. We seem to have forgotten that we already are that happiness which we seek.

Shine is a space created for you to explore your yoga practice & re-discover your True Self in a clean, serene, safe environment. Take time out to calm the frenzy, clear the clutter & allow yourself to get back in touch with your True Nature.

Shine offers various levels of yoga classes suitable for all people regardless of fitness level or flexibility. All students are encouraged to work at their own pace. We look forward to seeing you in class.

Jai Bhagwan! Honor the light within you...Shine

Schedule -Oct

6:15pm INT

9:30 am ONLINE - call for more info
6:15pm INT
7:30pm BEG

7:30pm BEG

7:00pm BEG

9:30am ONLINE - call for more info

9:30am BEG

9:30am BEG

Photos Courtesy of Burning Silver Photography